Navajo Rug Collection


Navajo Rugs including Two Grey Hills, Ganado, and more! Plus Chimayo Blankets and moccasins.

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**Paul & Helen were collectors of fine American Indian Artifacts, Rugs, Jewelry, and Pottery.  They traveled in the Southwest and amassed this nice collection from reputable dealers and galleries. They were serious collections as evidenced by the fact that many of the original tags and receipts are still with these rugs!  These items are not from just any ordinary souvenir shop!

Lot # 1:  29 x 45.5 Navajo Rug

29″ x 45.5″ Gold Hues & Natural Brown – Stripes, No Fringe. (Antoinette Westley) Crystal Pattern – Vegetal Dye. Purchased August 31, 1974 (with original receipt)


Lot # 225.5 x 43 Navajo Rug

25.5″ x 43″ Gold & Grey with Grey Ties, Peach Colored Diamond Design in Stripes, No Fringe


Lot # 3:  14.25 x 29.25 Chimayo Blanket

14.25″ x 29.25″ Chimayo Blanket – Grey, Red, & White w/ Diamond Design in Middle of Stripes – May have been purchased in the 1950s


Lot # 4:  14 x 30 Chimayo Blanket

14″ x 30″ Chimayo Blanket – Primarily Red w/ Multi-Colored Stripes on either End and Black, Green Red, White & Tan Design in Middle, Very Short Fringe, a few exposed warps


Lot # 5:  14 x 30 Chimayo Blanket

14″ x 30″ – Wine Colored w/ Multi-Colored Stripes, Red, White, Tan, Yellow & Turquoise Design in Middle w/ Small White Stripes, Some exposed warps


Lot # 6:  14 x 29 Chimayo Blanket by Ursulo V. Ortiz

14″ x 29″ Chimayo Blanket by Ursulo V. Ortiz, Purchased Aug. 1987, Old Town Albuquerque, NM – Red Clay or Burnt Orange Color. Diamond Type Design in Middle of Two Sets of Stripes


Lot # 7:  35 x 51 Storm Pattern Navajo Rug by Rebecca Yazzi

36″ x 51″ Storm Pattern – #82 by Rebecca Yazzi, Red Lake Navajo Reservation – Black, Grey, White, Red and Brown, Ties on Corners, No Fringe, Competition Quality w/ Weft Count of 50 per inch. Purchased June 3, 1973 from Americana Indian Shows – Lee Anderson, (with original receipt)


Lot # 8:  39.5 x 50 Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug by Mary C. Henderson

39.5″ x 50″ Two Grey Hills, Mary C. Henderson, Purchased March 10, 1973, Shiprock Trading Post – Black Border w/ Off White, Grey, Black, Brown & Tan (with original receipt)


Lot # 9:  8.5 x 8.5 Miniature Navajo Rug

8.5″ x 8.5″ Red, Orange and Natural, Slight Fringe on one end


Lot # 10:  29 x 42.5 Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug

29″ x 42.5″ Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug. Purchased in 1960 at the Fred Harvey Shop, Santa Fe Railroad station, Albuquerque, NM. Black & Natural Double Edge, Tan, Brown, Grey, Black & Natural. (with original tags)


Lot # 11:  25.5 x 42 Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug by Tina John

25.5″ x 42″ Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug – Shades of Grey, Black, Brown & White – Very Finely Woven. Tag says: Rug #IR936 Woven by Tina John, daughter of Marilyn John. Purchased from Russell Foutz Indian Room, Farmington or Scottsdale (original tag attached)


Lot # 12:  28.5 x 43 Ganado Navajo Rug by Nellie Joe Begay

28.5″ x 43″ Ganado Rug with feathers by Nellie Joe Begay – Purchased July 25, 1981, Americana Indian Shows & Anasazi Gallery of Art, Flagstaff, AZ – Brown & White on Ends, Grey, Red, Black, Taupe, White w/ Diamond in Middle and Feather Design. (with original receipt)


Lot # 13:  27 x 29 Navajo Rug by Alice Maloney Max

27″ x 29″ Navajo Rug by Alice Maloney Max (Oldest Daughter of Rose Singer Maloney), Purchased July 1, 1986, Americana Indian Shows, Flagstaff, AZ – Full Black Edge w/ Triangle Design on Two Edges, Storm Pattern w/ Eye Dazzlers, Grey, Rust, Red, Black, White & Brown. (with original receipt)


Lot # 14:  22.5 x 29 Two Grey Hill Navajo Rug by Irene Kirk

22.5″ x 29″ Two Grey Hills by Irene Kirk, Competition Quality w/ Weft Count of 50 per inch, Purchased May 11, 1987 – Full Black Border, Grey, Black, Brown, Mauve (with original receipt)


Lot # 15:  55.5 x 78 Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug

55.5″ x 78″ Two Grey Hills – Grey, Black, White, Shades of Brown


Lot # 16:  Moccasins

Moccasins – Red, White & Black Bead Work, have been worn