NEW DATE! May 22nd! Large Late Model Equipment Auction



This auction has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 22nd at 10:02am!

Thursday May 2, 2019  Sale Time:10:02 AM MDT
** Wednesday, May 22, 2019 • 10:02am MDT  **

Located: at the Morrill County Fairgrounds 1 mile south of Bridgeport, Nebraska on Hwy. 88


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2013 John Deere 8310R MFWD Tractor, 2666 hrs., IVT Trans., 6 hyd. + aux. valve, 3 pt., Cat 4 QH, Big 1K PTO w/ Front & Rear Duals, 480/80/R50 Rear (60%), 380/80/R38 Fronts (50%), 16 Front Wts., Rear Wheel Wts., Display, JD Link Capable, Premium Commandview II cab, Premium radio with XM, HID Light Pkg., Fix-as-Fail partial Coverage on engine up to 5,000 hrs., r@310 eHP/255 pto. HP, Runs Good,
2009 John Deere 8430 MFWD Tractor, 5683 hrs., IVT Trans., 3pt., QH, Big 1K PTO, 380/80/R38 Fronts 20% (Only Singles with Spacer), 480/80/R50 Rears (Good, 1 New), 4 hyd. + aux. valve, 16 Front Weights, Rear Wheel Weights, r@250 pto HP, may need some repairs, Runs Good, SnRW8430D044881
2007 John Deere 8130 MFWD Tractor, 5633 Hrs., PS, 3 Pt., QH, 4 Hyd. + aux. valve, 380/85/R50’s (30%) w/ Rear Duals, 380/85R34 Front Duals (40%),  18 Front Wts., r@180 pto HP, Runs Good, SnRW8130P012660
2002 John Deere 8210 MFWD Tractor, 7898 hrs., 3pt, Quick hitch, 5 hyd, 1K PTO, Power Shift, w/ Rear Duals, Rear Weights, 18.4 x 46 Rubber (25%), 14.9 x 34 Fronts (new!),  Shows Joy Stick, r@180 pto HP,  Runs, SnRW8210P012468
1990 John Deere 4755 Tractor, New Tach Shows 15 hrs., 3Pt. Quick Hitch, 16spd PS, 2wd, 3 hyd., QH, Big 1K PTO, 14 front weights, r@177 pto. HP, Real Clean, Runs Good, SnRW4755P006599
1989 John Deere 4450 Tractor, 2wd w/ no duals, 18.4 x 38 50%, 3 hyd, 540 PTO, 3 pt., No Center Link, No Weights, 15 spd PS, 13,412 hrs., r@140 pto HP, Needs Work, Runs Good, SnRW4450P013791
1996 Agco Allis 9635 Tractor MFWD 18.4 x 38 rbr. as-is, w/ Rear Duals, 3 hyd, 540 PTO, 3 pt., r@135 pto HP, As Is, Sn932369P

GPS Units

3 John Deere 2600 GPS displays
Monitor 207636 has SF2, Swath Control Pro, Green Star Basic Activation.
Monitor 226858 has Auto Trac, SF2 & Green Star Basic Activation.
Monitor 17212959, SF2, Swath Control, Surface Water Pro, Green Star Basic Activation.
5 JD Starfire 3000 RTK GPS Receivers

JD S680 Combine

2015 John Deere S680 Combine, 1,160 eng. Hrs., 750 Separator hrs., Steer Control, Auto Trac Capabilities, 5 spd. Feeder House, Hyd. Grain Tank Covers, Contour Master, Blue Tooth Capability in Cab, JD link capable, Emissions warranty to 6/2020, Premium Cab, enhanced air suspension seat, HID lights, Premium Radio with XM, GS3 Touch Screen Color Display, w/ Front Duals, replaced Chaffer Frame in 2018, r@473 eHP, Sn.-1H0S680SLF0775953

Heads & Header Trailers

Elmers CropMaster Bean Head w/ Pickup, 22′ Pickup Head, SN Pickup-06380, Needs some repairs
2014 John Deere 635FD, Flexible Draper Head, 35′, Good Condition, Sn.-1H0635FDLD0755748
2008 John Deere 612C Corn Head, 12R x 30″, Poly Snouts, Nice Shape, Sn.-H0612CX725895
Wemhoff H-35 Header Trailer, Dolly Wheels, Tandem Rear
Wemhoff H-30 Header Trailer Wemco H30, Dolly Front, Tandem Rears, Sn.-7109231


2014 Caterpillar 924K Wheel Loader, High-Lift w/ quick attach & grapple, GrabTech Grapple, 4307 hrs., 20.5×25 Rubber 60%, Nice Loader, Sn.- PWR01308
2007 Caterpillar 924G, High-Lift Wheel Loader w/ Bucket, 550-65 R25 Rubber 50%, 8828 Hrs., 4 Tine Grapple Attachment. Sn.- CAT0924GCDDA03504
International 510 Pay Loader, Shows 2928 Hrs., as is, Sn.- 3380109J051949X

Feeding Equipment

Degelman 12-46/57 Dozer Blade – 12′, 6 way Hyd., mts. for JD 8210 MFWD
Automatic 1820Ax4 Roller Mill, Trailer Mtd., pto Sn.-111039083
2001 Haybuster, H1100 Tub Grinder, Big Bite, Fair Cond., Sn.-JJ13045

Harvest Equipment

Amity W996, 6R30″, Beet Digger, Faris Wheel, used this last season, Sn.-H340606
Amity 40630, 6 Row Defoliator, 1K pto, Needs Work, Sn.-D255306
2004 Brandt 4500 EX Grain Vac, 10″ Auger, Small 1k pto,Trailer Mounted
J&M 750-16 Grain Cart, 16″ Auger
Parker 710 Grain Cart, 16″ Auger
Pickett 8030-2-A-E One Step, Bean Cutter, 8 Row, 3 pt
Pickett 6030-2-A-E One Step, Bean Cutter, 6 Row, 3 pt
Orthman 8 Row Bean Cutter, Front Mount
Orthman Ram Hitch
Westfield MK100 -71 Auger, Double Auger Swing Out Hopper, Like NEW!

Hay Equipment

2009 John Deere 4995 Swather, w/ JD 995 Rotary Head, 16 ft., 1268 Engine Hrs., 989 Platform Hrs., Head SN – E00995C341247 Nice Shape 23.1 X 26 Rubber 75%
2008 John Deere 568 Round Baler, Mega Wide, Flotation Tires, Net/ Twine 5′ x 6′, shows 9,052 Bales
2012 Anderson TRB1400 Round Bale Mover, 14 Bale, 21.5 x 16 SL Tires, Good
H&S Hay Rake, 7 x 2 Wheels, 14 Wheel Rake, Fair Shape


Buffalo Feedlot Scraper, 14′, Hyd. Tilt
2 – Sets of 2 Demco Side Quest 500 Gallon Axle Tanks – 2 Hubs for R Series, 1 Hub for 8000 Series
1994 Hesston S370 Manure Spreader, 2 Horizontal Beaters, Tandem Axle, 540 PTO, Floor Decent.
John Deere HX 14 3 Pt. Rotary Mower – 14′
10,000 Gallon Fuel Tank, horizontal, with 110 Pump, good
Ashland Dirt Mover, 2, Yd, needs a little work, appears good.
A1 Mist Sprayer, 6-R15 3pt, 100 Gal., may need work
Leon-Ram 40 Blade, 10 ft Blade, 6 way hyd., off AC Tractor
6 ft.3 pt. Rotary mower • Pull Type Ditcher, Square Nose • 2 John Deere Quick Hitches • Super Sponge Wick Sprayer, 3pt, 26′, as is • Snyder 300 Gal. Saddle Tanks

Planting Equipment

2013 John Deere 1720 Planter, 12R30, Stacking Max Emerge XP, Green Star Rate Control, 12R30″, Liquid Fert, Vac Planter, missing 7 row command drives for seed meters (ready to convert to precision planting), Sn.- 1A01720RHCM750605
2011 John Deere 1720 Planter, 12R30, Stacking Max Emerge XP, Green Star Rate Control, 12R30″, Liquid Fert, Vac Planter, Sn.- A01720R735220
Several Sets of 12 JD 1720 Planter Plates – Standard Corn, Sugar Beets, Medium Edible Beans, Sorghum, Sunflowers and Soybeans
2 Sets of 8 JD 1720 Planter Plates – Corn & Edible Beans
1 Set of 12 Pro Max 40 Planter Plates
John Deere 455 Grain Drill, 30′, Front Fold, 7″ Spacing, NICE!
ADS Bulk Seed Buggy, Honda GX 160 Motor, Elec. Start, 4 Box, Tandem Axle
7-Seed Pack 50 Plastic Seed Totes w/4 lids, 1 w/ Corn Seed

Tillage Equipment

Sunflower 32 ft. Tandem Disk, Mdl. 1234-32 18″ Front, 17.5″ Rears
B&H 12R30 Cultivator, 3pt, Stack Fold, Ditchers, Shields
B&H 12R30 Cultivator, 3pt, Stack Fold, Shields, Sweeps, 9100-1230
B&H 12R30 Cultivator, 3 pt., Stack Fold, Sweeps & Shields
Case IH Tiger-Mate II 26′ Field Cultivator, 3 Bar Harrows, DMI Yield Till System
2010 Orthman 839-030 1 Tripper, 12R30, 3 pt., Sure-Fire Ag Syst. Hyd. Sq. Pump
Orthman 836-015 1 Tripper, 12R30, 3pt., Sure-Fire Ag Syst. Hyd. Sq. Pump
Sunflower 4212-15 19 ft. Culti-Mulcher, Disc Ripper, w/ Treaders, needs tires & 1 hub
Krause 4416 V Wheel Packer, 20 ft.
Case IH 165 6 Bottom  Spinner Plow
6 Btm. Plow Packer
FH UM43  25 ft. Roller Harrow, crowfoot Front & Rear,  Degelman Harrows, fair
John Deere 915 11 Shank Subsoiler
Yetter 3541 Rotary Hoe – 40′, stack fold
2001 Orthman 600-883 Inner Row Ripper – 8 Shank, As is
Besler 70830, Stalk Chopper – 8 Row, 3pt.
Valley 630 Corrugator, 3 pt. good- 8 Row
John Deere 400 Rotary Hoe
Yetter Rotary Hoe, 21′
JD 400 Rotary Hoe, 30′