NEW DATE! May 22nd! Large Late Model Equipment Auction



This auction has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 22nd at 10:02am!

Thursday May 2, 2019  Sale Time:10:02 AM MDT
** Wednesday, May 22, 2019 • 10:02am MDT  **

Located: at the Morrill County Fairgrounds 1 mile south of Bridgeport, Nebraska on Hwy. 88


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Note: Loader available Until May 30th. Items must be removed by May 30th! No items removed until settled for. All items left after May 30th will be charged a $50.00 per day storage fee! The Auction Company is not be responsible for items after sold. Equipment left over 30 days without prior arrangements will be considered abandoned in place, the item will be subject to resale, and no refunds or compensation will be issued.

!! PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE UPDATED LIST AS SOME ITEMS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THIS AUCTION !! We will not be selling any titled vehicles from the original list at this time.


2013 John Deere 8310R MFWD Tractor, 2666 hrs., IVT Trans., 6 hyd. + aux. valve, 3 pt., Cat 4 QH, Big 1K PTO w/ Front & Rear Duals, 480/80/R50 Rear (60%), 380/80/R38 Fronts (50%), 16 Front Wts., Rear Wheel Wts., Display, JD Link Capable, Premium Commandview II cab, Premium radio with XM, HID Light Pkg., Fix-as-Fail partial Coverage on engine up to 5,000 hrs., r@310 eHP/255 pto. HP, Runs Good,
2009 John Deere 8430 MFWD Tractor, 5683 hrs., IVT Trans., 3pt., QH, Big 1K PTO, 380/80/R38 Fronts 20% (Only Singles with Spacer), 480/80/R50 Rears (Good, 1 New), 4 hyd. + aux. valve, 16 Front Weights, Rear Wheel Weights, r@250 pto HP, may need some repairs, Runs Good, SnRW8430D044881
2007 John Deere 8130 MFWD Tractor, 5633 Hrs., PS, 3 Pt., QH, 4 Hyd. + aux. valve, 380/85/R50’s (30%) w/ Rear Duals, 380/85R34 Front Duals (40%),  18 Front Wts., r@180 pto HP, Runs Good, SnRW8130P012660
2002 John Deere 8210 MFWD Tractor, 7898 hrs., 3pt, Quick hitch, 5 hyd, 1K PTO, Power Shift, w/ Rear Duals, Rear Weights, 18.4 x 46 Rubber (25%), 14.9 x 34 Fronts (new!),  Shows Joy Stick, r@180 pto HP,  Runs, SnRW8210P012468
1990 John Deere 4755 Tractor, New Tach Shows 15 hrs., 3Pt. Quick Hitch, 16spd PS, 2wd, 3 hyd., QH, Big 1K PTO, 14 front weights, r@177 pto. HP, Real Clean, Runs Good, SnRW4755P006599
1989 John Deere 4450 Tractor, 2wd w/ no duals, 18.4 x 38 50%, 3 hyd, 540 PTO, 3 pt., No Center Link, No Weights, 15 spd PS, 13,412 hrs., r@140 pto HP, Needs Work, Runs Good, SnRW4450P013791
1996 Agco Allis 9635 Tractor MFWD 18.4 x 38 rbr. as-is, w/ Rear Duals, 3 hyd, 540 PTO, 3 pt., r@135 pto HP, As Is, Sn932369P

GPS Units

3 John Deere 2600 GPS displays
Monitor 207636 has SF2, Swath Control Pro, Green Star Basic Activation.
Monitor 226858 has Auto Trac, SF2 & Green Star Basic Activation.
Monitor 17212959, SF2, Swath Control, Surface Water Pro, Green Star Basic Activation.
5 JD Starfire 3000 RTK GPS Receivers

JD S680 Combine

2015 John Deere S680 Combine, 1,160 eng. Hrs., 750 Separator hrs., Steer Control, Auto Trac Capabilities, 5 spd. Feeder House, Hyd. Grain Tank Covers, Contour Master, Blue Tooth Capability in Cab, JD link capable, Emissions warranty to 6/2020, Premium Cab, enhanced air suspension seat, HID lights, Premium Radio with XM, GS3 Touch Screen Color Display, w/ Front Duals, replaced Chaffer Frame in 2018, r@473 eHP, Sn.-1H0S680SLF0775953

Heads & Header Trailers

Elmers CropMaster Bean Head w/ Pickup, 22′ Pickup Head, SN Pickup-06380, Needs some repairs
2014 John Deere 635FD, Flexible Draper Head, 35′, Good Condition, Sn.-1H0635FDLD0755748
2008 John Deere 612C Corn Head, 12R x 30″, Poly Snouts, Nice Shape, Sn.-H0612CX725895
Wemhoff H-35 Header Trailer, Dolly Wheels, Tandem Rear
Wemhoff H-30 Header Trailer Wemco H30, Dolly Front, Tandem Rears, Sn.-7109231


2014 Caterpillar 924K Wheel Loader, High-Lift w/ quick attach & grapple, GrabTech Grapple, 4307 hrs., 20.5×25 Rubber 60%, Nice Loader, Sn.- PWR01308
2007 Caterpillar 924G, High-Lift Wheel Loader w/ Bucket, 550-65 R25 Rubber 50%, 8828 Hrs., 4 Tine Grapple Attachment. Sn.- CAT0924GCDDA03504
International 510 Pay Loader, Shows 2928 Hrs., as is, Sn.- 3380109J051949X

Feeding Equipment

Degelman 12-46/57 Dozer Blade – 12′, 6 way Hyd., mts. for JD 8210 MFWD
Automatic 1820Ax4 Roller Mill, Trailer Mtd., pto Sn.-111039083
2001 Haybuster, H1100 Tub Grinder, Big Bite, Fair Cond., Sn.-JJ13045

Harvest Equipment

Amity W996, 6R30″, Beet Digger, Faris Wheel, used this last season, Sn.-H340606
Amity 40630, 6 Row Defoliator, 1K pto, Needs Work, Sn.-D255306
2004 Brandt 4500 EX Grain Vac, 10″ Auger, Small 1k pto,Trailer Mounted
J&M 750-16 Grain Cart, 16″ Auger
Parker 710 Grain Cart, 16″ Auger
Pickett 8030-2-A-E One Step, Bean Cutter, 8 Row, 3 pt
Pickett 6030-2-A-E One Step, Bean Cutter, 6 Row, 3 pt
Orthman 8 Row Bean Cutter, Front Mount
Orthman Ram Hitch
Westfield MK100 -71 Auger, Double Auger Swing Out Hopper, Like NEW!

Hay Equipment

2009 John Deere 4995 Swather, w/ JD 995 Rotary Head, 16 ft., 1268 Engine Hrs., 989 Platform Hrs., Head SN – E00995C341247 Nice Shape 23.1 X 26 Rubber 75%
2008 John Deere 568 Round Baler, Mega Wide, Flotation Tires, Net/ Twine 5′ x 6′, shows 9,052 Bales
2012 Anderson TRB1400 Round Bale Mover, 14 Bale, 21.5 x 16 SL Tires, Good
H&S Hay Rake, 7 x 2 Wheels, 14 Wheel Rake, Fair Shape


Buffalo Feedlot Scraper, 14′, Hyd. Tilt
2 – Sets of 2 Demco Side Quest 500 Gallon Axle Tanks – 2 Hubs for R Series, 1 Hub for 8000 Series
1994 Hesston S370 Manure Spreader, 2 Horizontal Beaters, Tandem Axle, 540 PTO, Floor Decent.
John Deere HX 14 3 Pt. Rotary Mower – 14′
10,000 Gallon Fuel Tank, horizontal, with 110 Pump, good
Ashland Dirt Mover, 2, Yd, needs a little work, appears good.
A1 Mist Sprayer, 6-R15 3pt, 100 Gal., may need work
Leon-Ram 40 Blade, 10 ft Blade, 6 way hyd., off AC Tractor
6 ft.3 pt. Rotary mower • Pull Type Ditcher, Square Nose • 2 John Deere Quick Hitches • Super Sponge Wick Sprayer, 3pt, 26′, as is • Snyder 300 Gal. Saddle Tanks

Planting Equipment

2013 John Deere 1720 Planter, 12R30, Stacking Max Emerge XP, Green Star Rate Control, 12R30″, Liquid Fert, Vac Planter, missing 7 row command drives for seed meters (ready to convert to precision planting), Sn.- 1A01720RHCM750605
2011 John Deere 1720 Planter, 12R30, Stacking Max Emerge XP, Green Star Rate Control, 12R30″, Liquid Fert, Vac Planter, Sn.- A01720R735220
Several Sets of 12 JD 1720 Planter Plates – Standard Corn, Sugar Beets, Medium Edible Beans, Sorghum, Sunflowers and Soybeans
2 Sets of 8 JD 1720 Planter Plates – Corn & Edible Beans
1 Set of 12 Pro Max 40 Planter Plates
John Deere 455 Grain Drill, 30′, Front Fold, 7″ Spacing, NICE!
ADS Bulk Seed Buggy, Honda GX 160 Motor, Elec. Start, 4 Box, Tandem Axle
7-Seed Pack 50 Plastic Seed Totes w/4 lids, 1 w/ Corn Seed

Tillage Equipment

Sunflower 32 ft. Tandem Disk, Mdl. 1234-32 18″ Front, 17.5″ Rears
B&H 12R30 Cultivator, 3pt, Stack Fold, Ditchers, Shields
B&H 12R30 Cultivator, 3pt, Stack Fold, Shields, Sweeps, 9100-1230
B&H 12R30 Cultivator, 3 pt., Stack Fold, Sweeps & Shields
Case IH Tiger-Mate II 26′ Field Cultivator, 3 Bar Harrows, DMI Yield Till System
2010 Orthman 839-030 1 Tripper, 12R30, 3 pt., Sure-Fire Ag Syst. Hyd. Sq. Pump
Orthman 836-015 1 Tripper, 12R30, 3pt., Sure-Fire Ag Syst. Hyd. Sq. Pump
Sunflower 4212-15 19 ft. Culti-Mulcher, Disc Ripper, w/ Treaders, needs tires & 1 hub
Krause 4416 V Wheel Packer, 20 ft.
Case IH 165 6 Bottom  Spinner Plow
6 Btm. Plow Packer
FH UM43  25 ft. Roller Harrow, crowfoot Front & Rear,  Degelman Harrows, fair
John Deere 915 11 Shank Subsoiler
Yetter 3541 Rotary Hoe – 40′, stack fold
2001 Orthman 600-883 Inner Row Ripper – 8 Shank, As is
Besler 70830, Stalk Chopper – 8 Row, 3pt.
Valley 630 Corrugator, 3 pt. good- 8 Row
John Deere 400 Rotary Hoe
Yetter Rotary Hoe, 21′
JD 400 Rotary Hoe, 30′