Our Company


Harold & Evelyn Kraupie – Our Founders

Darrell & Alecia Kraupie – Auctions & Real Estate          308-262-1150
Del Ray Kraupie – Auctioneer & Real Estate Sales           308-279-1692
Hardan “Jake” Kraupie – Auctioneer                                308-279-0235
Dorothy Retchless – Real Estate                                       308-262-1750
Mike Goeman – Auctioneer                                              308-262-5980
Steve Erdman – Real Estate                                             308-631-4655
Kristen Kraupie – Auction Clerk & Cashier
Marci Goeman – Auction Cashier
Jeri Woznick – Auction Clerk
Francis Mitchell – Auctions


We are booking auctions for the coming year and have plenty of dates available.

 We Understand that you only have one chance to sell property that has been part of your life.  Our service is different because we care about you and your property.  This attention is reflected all the way down to our Auction Flyers.  We continually search for better ways to market your property through continuing education offered by State and National Associations.

Please feel free to call any of our staff, call the office toll free 1-888-400-1150 or e-mail us at kraupie@farmauction.net.