Huge Cowboy & Indian Collectible Auction!

Friday, April 28th, 2017 9:35am

Prairie Winds Community Center 424 Main St. Bridgeport, NE

Please Plan to Attend this Auction for an Opportunity to buy
High Quality Cowboy and Indian Collectibles!
Milo & Dottie have amassed a lifetime collection of unique and high quality items with history, stories, documentation and books to accompany almost every piece! 

You won’t want to miss the sale of this One of a Kind Collection!


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Bidding Notice: THIS IS NOT A CATALOG FOR LIVE BIDDING AT THIS TIME. Please check back or call the auction company for more information. 308-262-1150. Lot numbers, pictures, and descriptions are for pre-auction inspection only and are not guaranteed to be the same on sale day. Some items may be rearranged, grouped together, or split up. Not all items will be available for online bidding. Some items will be listed in this catalog in general categories with an assortment of pictures for pre-auction inspection. Bidding will be available via Proxibid at

80+ sets of spurs including:

  • JR McChesney Unmarked Pitchfork Spurs, with Full Documentation
  • Kelly Spurs, Card Suite
  • Kelly Overlaid Silver Spurs
  • Longhorn Silver Overlay Spurs
  • Kelly Brand Gal Leg Spurs
  • Buermann Spurs, 1912 dimes
  • L&M Stamped Spurs
  • Crockett Spurs Stamped R lazy R
  • Mike McCoy Stamped, Rose Engraving, Horse Head Shank
  • Bob Campbell Spurs #1583, Silver Swan, Brass Accents
  • Officer’s US Cavalry Bit
  • Bob Campbell Spurs #16,Silver Card Suite, Arrowhead, Acorn, Bob Campbell Buckles
  • San Pedro’s Spurs, Crockett Marked
  • Unmarked Kelly Spurs
  • Crockett Spurs
  • Buermann Marked Spurs, Jingle Bobs, Sterling Silver Buckles
  • Blanchard Spurs, Unmarked
  • Stockard Spurs #22, Buffalo Head Nickel Buttons, Indian Head Nickle Buttons
  • Buermann Spurs
  • Crockett Spurs, Silver Mustache
  • Unmarked Spurs, Silver Bucking Horse (Steamboat of Wyoming)
  • Kids Silver Overlay Spurs
  • Roper Spurs
  • Hand Cuffs Stamped Iver Johnson,Pre1900, Key Included & Working, Carried by Sheriff’s Deputy, El Paso County CO
  • Crockett Renalde Spurs
  • JD Aplan Spur Straps
  • Anchor Spurs
  • Kelly Spurs
  • Unmarked Snakehead Shank Spurs
  • Buermann or North and Judd Drop Shank Spurs
  • Steel Gal Leg Spurs, Brass Garter, Jingle Bobs
  • Steel Spurs, Mexican 8 Point Rowel
  • Unmarked McChesney Gal Leg Spurs
  • E Garcia Stamped Spurs, Drop Shank, 13 pt Rowel, Jingle Bobs
  • Crockett’s Stamped Spurs, Rose Gold Tulip Design
  • Jack Ferguson Spurs
  • Crockett Stamped Spurs
  • Buermann Star Brand Spurs, 20 pt Rowel
  • Brass Spurs, Cavalry Reproduction
  • Stamped Leather Spur Straps
  • Government Issue Cavalry Spurs, Stamped
  • Government Issue Cavalry Spurs, Stamped RIA 191? NE
  • Government Issue Cavalry Spurs, Stamped ‘US A.B.’ and ‘GA. F’
  • Buermann Leather Covered Spurs, Unique!
  • Kelly Rodeo Spur, Stamped ‘Kelly 613’
  • Winchester Hand Forged Spurs
  • Crockett Aluminum Spurs
  • Buermann Spurs, Double Buttons, Heel & Top Strap Spur Straps
  • Anchor Spurs, Worn at Fort Robinson
  • Horseshoe Rasp Spurs, Snake Eye Shanks
  • Colorado Marked Spurs
  • McChesney Single Spur
  • Single McChesney, Double Mount Gal Leg
  • Mexican Style Spurs, Flower Buttons & Rowel
  • Kids military Style Single Spur
  • Crockett Renalde Spurs, Mustache Design
  • Cast Iron Spurs

130+ Bits, including:

  • Jack Ferguson Gal Leg Bit
  • Buermann Indian Chief High Port Bit, Brass Cricket
  • Stamped Kelly Bit
  • Ricardo Stamped, Aluminum Port Bit
  • Crockett Renalde Spade Bit
  • Buermann Bird Shank, High Port Bit
  • US Cavalry Watering Bit
  • US Cavalry Snaffle Bit
  • 20 + Snaffle Bits
  • Crockett Smooth Port Bit
  • Buermann High Port Bit, Bird Shank
  • Shank Snaffle
  • Steel Scissor Bit
  • Possible Civil War Era Cavalry Bit, Hand Forged
  • Leather Stamped Headstall, Hand Forged Bit
  • Crockett Renalde Hackamore
  • Rawhide Bosal
  • Hand Forged High Port Bit, Brass Cricket
  • 4 Par Trade Bits
  • Long Shank Crockett
  • 13 + Workhorse Snaffle Bits
  • Stamped Crockett Renalde Long Shank
  • Ricardo Snaffle
  • Stamped American Medium Port Bit
  • US Government #2 Straight Shank
  • Stamped Crockett Renalde Medium Port Bit
  • Anchor High Port Bit
  • Kelly Type Noseband
  • Kelly Type Mechanical Hackamore
  • Crockett Renalde Swivel Snaffle
  • Crocket Renalde, Brass Cricket
  • Crockett, Medium Port
  • Numerous Low, Medium & High Port Bits
  • Sliester Mechanical Hackamore
  • American Medium Port
  • Stainless Steel Crockett Renalde
  • Anchor Pony Bit
  • Numerous Bits w/ Headstall & Reins
  • Poco Lena Style Headstall
  • Pony Size Mexican Ring Bits
  • US Officer’s Bit
  • Trammell Bit on Headstall
  • Tom Thumb Style Swivel Snaffle
  • Stamped Crockett Grazing Bit with Silver, Bronze & Gold
  • Crockett Bit on Headstall, Braided Leather Buffalo Reins
  • Hackamore, Braided Rope Reins & Popper
  • Mullin Mouth Piece on Headstall
  • Ricardo Hackamore
  • US Bit with Medallion, Officer’s Bit
  • Chase Sided Medium Port Bit
  • Kelly Hackamore
  • Poco Lena Style Headstall on Swivel Snaffle
  • Kelly Mechanical Headstall
  • Rawhide Hackamore
  • Stamped Crockett Kelly Style Hackamore
  • Engraved Crockett Bit
  • Rawhide Bosals and Hackamores
  • Pony Snaffle
  • Small Mexican Ring Bits
  • Number 2 US Cavalry Bit
  • Number 3 US Cavalry Bit
  • Buermann High Port Bird Shank Bit
  • Richard Schake Swivel Snaffle, Copper Mouth
  • Several Dutton Snaffle Bits
  • Side Pull with Headstall

Approximately 750+ Fine quality pieces, most will be sold as collections in riker boxes. Pieces include:

  • Indian Beads Strung on Horsehair
  • 200+ Scrappers, Ranging in Size up to 6 in
  • Obsidian Scrappers
  • 6 in Scraper from Pine Ridge Area
  • Eastern Colorado Awl
  • Medicine Rock
  • Rock Fish Hook from Banner County
  • Quill Flattener
  • Crock Marbles
  • 350+ Arrowheads, Ranging in Size up to 3 in
  • ‘Adena’ and ‘Stillwell’ Arrowheads, Saline Co. MO
  • ’Dalton’ Arrowhead, Lee Co. AR
  • ’Hardin’ Arrowhead, Dekalb Co. MO
  • ’Serrated’ Arrowhead, Jasper Co. MO
  • Arrowhead Collection from a 1900’s Homestead Family, Lusk WY
  • Eastern Colorado Arrowheads
  • Arrowheads from Randall Ranch, Morrill Co, NE
  • Glendo Point Arrowhead
  • Small Mississippian Points
  • Arrowheads Found in Oregon
  • 3 in White Scottsbluff Point
  • 40+ Spearheads Ranging in Size up to 8 in
  • Eastern Colorado Spearheads
  • Spearhead from Laramie River
  • 8 in Obsidian Mahogany Spear, Found in Scotts Bluff Co., NE
  • 6 in Etley Spear
  • Buffalo Teeth
  • Buffalo Gun Bullets
  • Bone Handled Hide Scrapper, Original Sinew, Flint Blades Included
  • 3 Sizes Moccasin Lathes
  • Tomahawk Heads
  • Hammer Heads
  • Grinding Stones
  • Paint Bowl
  • Arrow Shaft Stripping Stone
  • Chopping Blades
  • Dinosaur Gizzard
  • 6 in Grooved Hammer Head, Found in ND
  • Horse Hobble Rock
  • Pipestone
  • Tang Knives
  • Obsidian Knife set in Deer Horn
  • 2 3/4 in Hells Gap Point
  • Contemporary Pieces
  • Shawnee Pipe, Hammer Head, Chisel, Axe, Spade, Amulet
  • Various Mono Bowls, Ranging in Size up to 2 Feet
  • 1940’s Bow, St. Ognatus MT


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  • ‘Tumbling T’ Brand—Left Rib
  • ‘7 L Connected’ Brand—Left Shoulder, Rib
  • Heart over Reverse 7 — Left Shoulder Rib Hip

25 Saddles, Including: 5 F.A. Dooley Saddles Including the Last Saddle He Made · Kid’s Saddle, Tapedaros, Tooled · Kirwin Saddle, Mexican Style Tree, Made in 1926 · Unmarked Saddle, Custom Match Striker on Swells · Feusner Saddle, Sandhills Saddlery, Ogallala NE · Ray Holes Saddle, Homestead Tree · Buck Steiner Saddle, Fully Tooled · COR · Bead Mountain Ranch Saddle · Mexican Style Saddle Made of Buffalo Leather · 1920’s Powder River Saddle · Otto Ernst Saddle, Fully Tooled, Ellensburg Tree · CC Blandford Old Trail Saddle, Colorado City Texas Carroll Saddle, Lee Woods Style · Newberry Saddle, Mother Hubbard Style Tree · Noble Brothers Saddle, Fully Tooled, Full Spanish Rig, , Purchased from Original Owner in 1920’s ·  Fred Mueller Beartrap Saddle · Powder River Saddle, 1946 · Circle W Saddle, Fully Tooled · Otto Ernst, Sheridan WY 1948, Fully Tooled · Collins & Morrison High Back Saddle # 111

Winchester 22 Win Mag Model 275 • Ithaca Gun Company M-66 Super Single 20 ga • Stevens Model 77H, By Savage Arms, 12 ga • Stevens Model 77D, by Savage Arms, 12 ga • JC Higgins Model 28, 22 lr Semi Auto • Remington Trademark model 12-cs 22 Rem Special • OF Mossberg & Sons, Model 183DG • Marlin Firearms Company, Model 336W, 30/30WIN • Winchester Model 70 264WIN Mag • 20th Anniversary Daisy Red Rider • Smith and Wesson 38 Special • Marksmen Repeater BB gun .177 caliber • Black Powder Revolver 36 caliber, Replica Arms • Set of BKA 98 imitation pistols • Leather Gun Belt • Daisy BB Gun, .177 caliber BB Gun • Single Gun Belt & Holster

Pistol Grip Canes · Hand Carved Iron Wood Cane · Several Diamond Willow Canes · Wagon Wheel Cane Rack · Rams Head Twisted Iron Fire Stoker · Silver Belt Buckles, Turquoise Inlay · Black Hills Gold Buckle · B-C Silver Buckle Set, Lucchese Belt · Bob Campbell Belt · Barnhart Rodeo Co. Buckle · Banner County, Gering & Scotts Bluff Co Centennial Buckles · Bergamot Buckle · 30+ Other Buckles · Various Silver & Turquoise Rings · Cowboy Hats · Turquoise Earrings, Bracelets, Watches & Pieces · Walrus Tooth Watch Fab · Western Photos · Horn Leg Stool · Naughty Nellie Boot Puller · Brass Monkey · Picture Frames · Branding Irons · 1942 Navy Binoculars · Holsters & Scabbards · Wagon Wheel Sizers & Wrenches · Ox Shoes · Horse Harness · Side Saddle Stirrup · Jawbone Dog Sled Replica · Horn Bowls · 5 Tanned, Hair-on Cowhides · Various Antlers · Sets of Longhorns · Painted and Unpainted Skulls · Ribcage Bows · Medicine Shield · Numerous Photos and Paintings · US Issue Straight Edge Shaver · Wagon Wheels · Saws

Large Collection of Leather Working Supplies · Vet Supplies · Knives · Halters · Leather Headstalls · F.A. Dooley Stamped Headstall · Stirrups · Cinches · Breast Collars · Reins · Hobbles ·  Leather & Fishnet  Fly Nets · Horseshoeing Supplies · Braided Whips · Rein Spreaders · Hames · 12 Pairs of Chaps, Batwings, Shotguns, Kids · Saddle & Bridle Racks · Various Leather Pieces, Buckles & Barn Supplies · US Cavalry, Buffalo Head Nickle, Mexican Coin & Silver Dollar Conchos · Tapaderos · Saddle Blankets & Pads · 14 Horse Collars · 8 Sets Hames · 2 – 25lb Buggy Ties ·5 gal Bucket Full of Driving Reins · Set of Driving Harnesses

Extensive Book and Catalog Collection, Including: Lar Hothem Books · McChesney, Crockett, J.M. Capriola Co., Ray Holes, Kelly Bros., Franklin Saddle Shop, Buermann, North & Judd, Hamely, & Newberry Catalogues ·  Colorado Prison Spurs & the Men Who Made Them · Spur & Western Collectibles Quarterly, Multiple Issues · Various Other Publications, Highlighting Western & Native History · Shumway Books

Victor & Oneida Traps 33 – #3 & #4, 9 – #2, 7- #1, 1 – #0, 1 – #2 Single Side, 1 – #3 Single Side

TERMS: Cash, credit cards, or immediately cashable check day of sale!  No items to be removed until settled for.  All items sell as is, without warranty. Announcements at sale supersede all prior advertising, printed or oral. Many items offered live on the internet at!  The internet

buyer’s fee will be 10%. Shipping will be available for online Bidders at buyers expense. Lunch will be available. Items may be previewed Thursday, April 27th from 6-8pm.



Milo & Dottie’s beautiful home is also listed for sale! – Details